Wilting leaves on my grape vine. This fungi vine disease can destroy grapes and vine vegetation. This is only apparent on one branch. Plant the grapevine in a bright, sunny spot with well-draining, … My grape vines appear to be dying in mid-season. They have lots of pea-sized grapes but the leaves and green vines are turning brown and show no signs of growth. Thanks. There is no apparent diseas, just wilting leaves. Between mid-May and late autumn, the aerial parts of the plant can become infected, particularly when the temperature is below 65°F. Learn how to take care of grapevine issues and be prepared to apply treatments quickly. Question: I have had a grape vine for the last six years. It appears as though your Grape may have black rot, a fungus that affects grape vines. Grapevines thrive in warm areas with full sunlight exposure. The grape vine is a creeper, its leaves are big and webbed, placed on both sides of the stems. Gazing up at the vines, however, you notice that some are dead or dying. Other grape species may grow in colder climates. The vine losing it’s leaves, is preparing to go into dormancy and this is when energy is accumulated for next year’s growing season. Since ancient times, the grapes have been used to produce wine. Where the winters are cold, it is normal for a grape vine to loose it’s leaves and many newbie home grape growers, think there is something wrong with the vine or the vine is dying. The fresh leaves looks fine, though a bit yellowish. The symptoms are oil spots and a moldy cover or bright green spots found on the leaves. What could cause this? Here is some pictures. I am new to growing vines … The first year when I planted it, I didn't get grapes but years 2, 3, and 4 I had lots. Grapevines have specific cultural requirements. Please can anyone tell me why the leves on my grapevine are wilting? In the picture you sent there are small circular discoloring on the leaves with a darker circle around it. The best control is cultural, picking up the infected fruit and leaves and disposing of in trash. Improper cultural practices make the plants susceptible to fungal diseases that thrive in wet and humid climates. Rarely do grapevine pests or disease kill a vine, but it helps to have information on preventing problems in grapes so the harvest will be robust. Just wondering the possible reason why the grape vine leaves are dying. 17-06-2008, 08:44 AM. Preventing Problems in Grapes. The rustle of the grape leaves in the breeze is a soothing end to a long day at work. Any suggestions to cure the vine? The grape vine is a creeper plant which is part of the Vitaceae family. They remind me of a plant which has not been watered. Grapes vary in hardiness: common grape (Vitis vinifera) grows in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 to 9, although this varies by cultivar. Below is a link with more information regarding black rot. This plant has been introduced as a common crop thousands of years ago.